Route through the centre of Cambrils

Charming places to visit in Cambrils

For those who don't want to spend all their time on the beach, this route runs thorugh the inner part of Cambrils and stops at some of the more interesting cultural points of the city. Intended for those who would like to spend a peaceful day riding, this tour has its main stops in charming but less crowded places.

This is a short (5.8 km/3.6 miles) and easy route, suitable for a ride with children given the places where we make the stops and the fact that we barely leave the cycle path.

Alongside the cycle path you will find several bicycle parking spaces, where you will be able to leave your bike while you look around. Here you can download a map of the cycle path in Cambrils and the bike parking points.

Here are some more details of what you will find along the route:

El Pescador park in Cambrils

1st Stop: El Pescador park

We'll start our route in the central park of El Pescador.

Like every other good coastal city, Cambrils was originally a fishing village, and this park dedicated to fishermen. This is the first park that was built in Cambrils. It is located, of course, very near to the beach.

El Pescador is a very big park (it has 5.000 m2), so you will be able to spin quitly with your bike. It is an ideal place for children given that it offers several play areas.

The park has a leafy wood, so there is plenty of shade available (something very important in summer). Also, the park is equipped with a bar/restaurant and public toilets.

It is divided into several areas, depending on the species of trees (mediterrean area and tropical area). In the nearest part to the beach we can find a pond with a small wood with eucalyptus trees.

We suggest you to explore and enjoy the park before head for our next stop. If you go there during summer time, it is likely that you will find a stage with catwalks, concerts, activities...

2nd Stop: Bar Restaurant Cal Siscu

We can take a break to have lunch. We have picked a restaurant a little far from the concentration of restaurants on the beach, but with a very good quality, very near to El Pescador park. Some brief details about the restaurant: It is a family restaurant specialized in mediterranean cuisine. They offer a set menu with good food at a good price. If you prefer to order something from the a la carte menu, you should know their rice dishes are legendary.

Museo Molino de las Tres Eres

3rd Stop: Cambrils Museum of History - Museo Molino de las Tres Eres

This is the headquarters of the Cambrils Museum of History. It is located in an old hydraulic flour mill from the 14th century. This mill was grinding flour until the middle of the 19th century as part of a three mill system. Later on, between 1895 and 1939 it was used to grind sulphur, up until the end of its industrial use.

Nowadays it is used to display the archaeological remains found in Cambrils, dating from Prehistory up until the roman era (many of these remains come from the roman villa of la Llosa), including several bronze objects.

As part of the permanent exhibition in the museum, it also shows the old machinery and operation of the mill.

Entrance is free for children under 12 years old.

For more information and schedule you can visit the museum's website.

We leave the museum and go back to the cycle path. We'll finish the afternoon crossing the rest of the city through the cycle path, heading to Salou until we reach the Cambrils Park Resort. This is the end of our route and almost the end of Cambrils too. If you want to continue this way for a longer ride, you will leave Cambrils and enter Salou.

Recommended bikes for this route

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Map of the route