A route thorugh Cambrils beach

A Spin along the Beach

If you like riding the bike by the coast you can travel from Cambril to La Pineda using the long cycle path (more than 50 km/31 miles) that runs thorugh the Costa Dorada. The tour we offer you here is, however, shorter (7.7 km/4.8 miles) and it aims at you to discover those charming places in Cambrils that sadly too often goes unnoticed beside the most famous beaches; always avoiding the most overcrowded placed.

This route barely leaves the cycle path, but you must know there's a little part along the promenade where there's no cycle path. You can download the map with Cambrils cycle path and bicycle parkings here.

Here you'll find more information about each stop of the route:

1st Stop: "De l'Ardiaca" Beach - Chiringuito/Restaurant La Dorada

We'll start our route in the furthest beach from the city centre: "Platja De l'Ardiaca". Given its location, we'll find less people than in other beaches, which will make it a good oportunity to take a stroll o relax before continuing our route.

In this beach you'll also see the "chiringuito La Dorada". Since you are alreay there, we suggest you to go visit and try its mediterranean cuisine. Particularly notable are their rices and "tapas".

De la Llosa beach in Cambrils

2nd Stop: "de la Llosa" Beach

We'll continue our route thorugh the cycle path until "de la Llosa" beach. We've selected this beach for making a longer stop. It is a very well equipped beach with lots of services (showers, toilets, lifeguards, bars, you can rent loungers, etc.), but without being overcrowded, making it ideal for relaxing, sunbathing... If you plan to walk bare feet on this beach we recommend you to wear special shoes, or the stones in the beach could give you sore feet.

De la Llosa Roman Villa

3rd Stop: History Museum - Villa Romana de la Llosa (De la Llosa Roman Villa)

Just beside de la Llosa beach we find the archaeological remains of the Villa Romana de la Llosa. It was a roman village within the area of influence of Tarraco that was occupied between the 1st B.C and the 6th A.D.centuries. The objets found there are displayed in the "Museo Molino de las Tres Eres". These remains have been officialy labeled as "Bien de Interés Cultural".

It was discovered in 1980 while some construction works where taking place. The archaeological excavation works are on hold since 2010, however, it is known that there are more remains outside the current field perimeter.

The archaeological site is also a museum, and it has a venue that shows a virtual reconstruction of the villa on its different stages.

You can check the museum schedule here.
Tower of the harbour in Cambrils

4th Stop: Harbour Tower

We leave the sorroundings of la Llosa beach and we ride to the harbour thorugh the cycle path. In the harbour we'll find an old building, now a Cambrils symbol. It is a watch tower built in the 13th century A.D. Also known as "Tower of the Moors", given that it was used to prevent atacks from moorish pirates. It is very well preserved (it even mantain the original door) and it has been officially labeled as "Bien de Interés Nacional".

We recommend going up to the balcony, from where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the harbour and sea. Nowadays it is used for showing temporal displays, generlally sea history related.

You can get more information about the tower and the opening schedule here.
Villafortuny castle

5th Stop: Vilafortuny Castle

If you feel like breaking the monotony of the beach, we recommend visiting Vilafortuny Castle. It's not far from the harbour and you can get there riding through the promenade (most of the time on the cycle path).

It is a medieval castle built in the 11st century, very well preserved, although several reforms have been done thorugh the years. It is privately exploited and celebrations take place inside its walls, that's why it is not possible to visit its interior. Even though, we think it's worth to take a walk around the castle and take a look of it.

You can read the history of the castle here.

Recommended bike for this route

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Map of the route